Editor’s Note: October 2018

October 2018 By Sarah Leck Spring – four years ago We had 2 picnic blankets spread under the few cherry blossom trees behind your apartment building. They held an assortment of chips and snacks, poker cards scattered from playing King’s Cup, our friends lolling around in laughter and easy conversation.  We were all drunk on […]

Faces of Japan

A Photo Series By Ilan parienté There are many ways of travelling a country. Either through sightseeing, enjoying a taste of the local food and alcohol down to the bustling streets, unique architecture or simply relaxing in nature. You have the choice to either bring along a loved one or friends or solely enjoy the mesmerising […]

Editor’s Note: September 2018

September 2018 By Juwayriya Bemath For a while now, I’ve been asking myself where I fit in. The sense of belonging has always felt ephemeral if not altogether elusive. The constant brick-laying and demolition of identity and personality often does this to us — it leaves us wondering where our parts fit a little more […]