Odd Interview: Jesus Chaparro

An Interview By Amir Bagheri Jesus Chaparro began to create rocks in order to explore the complexity of something so familiar, yet easily overlooked. Initially inspired by his studies in Japanese aesthetics and a weekly commute in Oregon desert, he mimics the natural forces that act upon rocks by digitally scanning and modifying them, then […]

Odd Interview: Pussy on a Plinth

An Interview By Shameelah Khan The name of the collective was influenced by… This collective is comprised of ten womxn artists, based in Johannesburg, taking over and occupying male-dominated spaces in Johannesburg. Printmaking (particularly linocut) is a male-dominated field in the art industry which is still seen as unchartered territory for womxn, particularly womxn of […]

Odd Interview: Cape Jazz

An Interview By Shameelah Khan   Tell the Odd family a bit about Cape Jazz and its purpose. Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: Cape Town has a Jazz culture that needs to be heard. Our business was created with the same spontaneous, rebellious and passionate spirit that makes this progressive art […]

Interview with Robin “Phoenix” Wright

An Interview By Shameelah Khan Phoenix is a creative artist with a love for Music, Fashion and Visual Art. She is an activist for equality and has a passion for Youth Development, ploughing back into the community with Art Education. The pro-queer artist has journeyed through the past couple of years collecting accolades in various […]

Odd Magazine: Interview with Tomoyasu Ikuta

An Interview By Amir Bagheri Tomoyasu Ikuta is a Japanese musician and drummer. With fifteen years of experience under his belt, Tomoyasu has had the honour to share his music with a diverse group of people throughout Japan and the U.S. His originality and unique skills have allowed him to play with multiple bands with […]

Interview with Didintle Khunou

An Interview by Shameelah Khan   Didintle is formally trained and holds experience as a screen and stage actor, voice actor and as a session vocalist. She has had numerous television appearances, the most recent being the third season of Mamello – a Sotho drama currently airing on SABC2, directed by SAFTA award-winning director Zuko […]

Interview with Phillippa Yaa de Villiers

An Odd Interview by Crystal Wilton   Odd Magazine had the opportunity to sit down with Phillippa Yaa de Villiers to have a conversation about her art. Phillippa Yaa de Villiers writes, performs and lectures in Creative Writing at Wits University, Johannesburg. Her poetry collections are Taller than buildings (2006) and The everyday wife (2010, […]

Interview with Aliki Saragas

Aliki Saragas filming in parliament. Photo Credit: Jamie Dimitra Ashton.

… OR DOES IT EXPLODE? An interview with Aliki Saragas, director of Strike a Rock (2017) By Amy Loureth Worster   Aliki Saragas is a Johannesburg-based filmmaker and the director of Strike a Rock (2017) – a stirring new documentary about Primrose Sonti and Thumeka Magwangqana, the founders of Marikana’s womxn’s organisation Sikhala Sonke (We […]