Faces of Japan

A Photo Series By Ilan parienté There are many ways of travelling a country. Either through sightseeing, enjoying a taste of the local food and alcohol down to the bustling streets, unique architecture or simply relaxing in nature. You have the choice to either bring along a loved one or friends or solely enjoy the mesmerising […]

Odd Artist of the Month: Kgaugelo Rakgwale

A Photo-series By Kgaugelo Rakgwale Neo-nostalgia is a photo-art series exploring an inexplicable wistful affection for a time period that has passed but somehow feels fairly new at the same time. The intention of this body of work is to recreate the experience of going through old photos (supplemented by a verbal recount) with another. An […]

Nostalgia – A Place I know

A Photo-series By  Luthfiyyah Rahman    The feeling of nostalgia is the theme for this photo essay. The term nostalgia is formed from a Greek word nostos which means “return” and algos which means “suffering”. It can be described as an emotional longing for past events or homesickness and childhood memories. Things such as music, places […]

Absolving Absolution

A Photo-series By Emma Michelle Porter Preface During my Matric year, I had to read the book ‘Absolution’ by Patrick Flanery. My entire grade struggled through this incredibly strange and abstract novel, and it seemed the only thing we took away from it was a group joke that came from the so-called ‘message’ of the story; […]

The Light of Iya Valley

A Photo-Series By Shintaro Miyawaki Compiled and Written by Amir Bagheri (Special Thanks to Naoki Shiota)   Around a thousand years ago, on March 22, 1195, an epic battle took place in Takamatsu city, in Japan. The battle is known as “Battle of Yashima” which was part of a greater series of wars, known in […]

Roadside Memorial

A Photo Series By Reatile Moalusi   As one drives across the South African landscape, it is common to see roadside memorials where death occurred. A roadside memorial marks the spot where a person was killed and acts as a place of grieving and remembrance. Bereaved individuals erect crucifix, bring flowers, photographs and sometimes-personal objects […]


A PHOTO SERIES Compiled by Amy Loureth Worster   Can a photograph keep a secret? This is the question we asked ourselves when we started collating images for the October issue of Odd Magazine. During the process, we were delighted to discover that the answer is “yes”, and, intriguingly, that the photos in this edition […]