The Roses

A Short Story by Shameelah Khan I don’t understand isiXhosa, but this is a dialogue. He stood in-between the books A look of tenderness Bodies Bound by The un-fixing of spaces Traces of Chapman A forgotten library Preserved African knowledge Prayers Documented in the tongues, of the returned land, And Isixhosa A poem by an […]

The Confessions of St Anger: Of Ghosts, Snakes and Sleeping dogs

A Short Story By Marguerite Ward “I want a dog” “We have five dogs already” “No. You have five dogs. I want a dog that’s mine” Scary. Scary and grumpy. Those are the words most typically used by strangers upon meeting my beloved St Anger. I teased him once about his first impression, describing him as […]

A Mad Woman’s Song to Self

A Short Story By Meshalini Govender I look at her and see all the things that I am no longer. She smiles, with a complacent confidence-it boasts sincerity and vitality borne of youth and innocence. Her eyes are glazed with the far-flung horizons of promise; promise that she strides towards with definitive unwaveringly infinite hope. Looking […]


A Short Story By Sarah Leck 「孩子,你看你堂哥的儿子这么可爱!」 “Child, look how cute your cousin’s son is!” My mother held a phone to my face, hers beaming with familial pride. On the screen was a picture of a boy about a year old with cherubic, pink cheeks, smiling guilelessly. 「对啊,可爱。」 “Yeah, he’s cute.” I meant it, but […]