Issue 47: Letters
February 2022

On a Final Note…

Editor’s Note by Shameelah Khan Dear Odd Readers, [T]he secret of the Great Stories is that they have no secrets. The Great Stories are the ones you have heard and want to hear again. The ones y…

Issue 46: Joy
December 2021

Guest Editor’s Note: December 2021

Dearest Odd Readers, This marks the final issue of the year and what a crazy, fun, complex and painful year it has been. We, at the Odd team, would like to thank you all for your ever present and ongo…

Issue 45: Pride
November 2021

Guest Editor’s Note: November 2021

reflecting on shame, madness and being queer by mpho ndaba At the age of 22, towards the completion of my bachelor’s degree at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, I decided that going…

Issue 44: Grotesque
October 2021

Guest Editor’s Note: October 2021

by Prenesa Naidoo And then I slipped between the fine line of reality and fantasy. I crawled toward spooky season with my dreams clasped tightly in my fists. I felt feverish with the contact. I felt p…

Issue 43: Heritage
September 2021

Editors’ Note: September 2021

Two Truths and a Lie By Shameelah Khan and Pumulo Ngoma Heritage“Let’s Grow together South Africa”by Pumulo Ngoma Late last night, I read a post about a human library. At this human library one does n…

Issue 42: Beauty
August 2021

Editors’ Note: To Love Some Body

By Shameelah Khan To Love Some Body  The nurse pulled my mask up and reminded me that I needed to keep it on. She had a gentle touch and called me ‘mama’. I appreciated her calming voice in the hustle…

Issue 41: Sci-fi
July 2021

Editors’ Note: July 2021

By Shameelah Khan Light and Space Walking through Naoshima “art” Island, I had been carrying a world of existential weight on my shoulders. Stuck in a never-ending postmodern loop; my anxieties were d…

Issue 40: Youth
June 2021

Editors’ Note: June 2021

By Guest Editor Courtney Morgan We are the seeds you planted When I think of June 16th, I am always moved by the sacrifices made by young people, but also sad that perhaps the dreams of the youth of 1…

Issue 39: Reclaiming Space
May 2021

Editors Note: May 2021

By Guest Editor Shaeera Kalla A Space of Reckoning As the rain woke me from my deep, stress-induced sleep, I prepared my standard oats and banana early morning meal in haste, almost missing the cut of…

Issue 38: Playground
April 2021

Editors’ Note – April 2021

by Shameelah Khan Gremlins A very Happy Easter to everyone celebrating. I used to love the film Gremlins, but I don’t anymore.  I hold the memories of the playground and everything about my primary sc…

Issue 37: Anticipation
March 2021

Editors’ Note: March 2021

By Shameelah Khan Working title: somewhere between sleeping and wanting to sleepWhen I begin to dream, I stay awake and sometimes, I think of you When they ask of you tomorrow I will tell them that yo…

Issue 36: Ritual
February 2021

Editors’ Note: February 2021

By Shameelah Khan There are endless rituals to be thankful for in our lives. Some we carry with us always. Others, well, not so much. These cultural rituals are extremely beautiful, but I have to admi…

Issue 35: Migration
January 2021

Editor’s Note: January 2021

By Shameelah Khan 2020 is over.Breathes. Whispers. Laughs.Cries. How did we get here?Where are we going? When I think about migration, I think about the moon and the stories from the women before me. …

Issue 34: Ghost Stories
December 2020

Editor’s Note: December 2020

By Shameelah Khan No matter where we found ourselves this year, it was a ghost story.  Death showed up in unimaginable ways.  We began to live in a new world, a world of Covid and it took us into stra…

Issue 33: Music
November 2020

Editor’s Note: November 2020

By Amir Bagheri Childhood Melodies For my sixth birthday, my aunt had gifted me with one of those musical mini keyboards. I was scared to accept this gift, to begin with. I knew my father wouldn&#8217…

Issue 32: Food
October 2020

Editor’s Note: October 2020

By Amir Bagheri “To eat is to live, but to taste is to evolve.” – Ayako Suwa Breakfast My grandma, Maamaan Badri, would wake up before everybody else. She would never miss the morning prayer. Yo…

Issue 31: Otherness
September 2020

Editor’s Note: September 2020

By Shameelah Khan Otherness At Odd Magazine, we often prefer to have our Editor’s notes feel like a narrative-driven shorter piece, a poetic perusal of our thoughts like, a memoir of our dreams walkin…

Issue 30: Time Travel
August 2020

Editor’s Note: August 2020

By Amir Bagheri (i) I have been thinking about death a lot more lately. Perhaps because I am anxiously anticipating a few lives to depart in the near future; some of them are so dear to my heart that …

Issue 29: Addiction
July 2020

Editor’s Note: July 2020

By Shameelah Khan My mother alwayshad a soft spotFor her brotherWho had a difficult life,A difficult timeMaking sense of himselfHe was a gentle-childShe would sayTheir fatherwas hard on himHard on her…

Issue 28: Memories
June 2020

Editor’s Note: June 2020

By Shameelah Khan No one today is purely one thing. Labels like Indian, or woman, or Muslim, or American are not more than starting-points, which if followed into actual experience for only a moment a…

Issue 27: Togetherness
May 2020

Editor’s Note: May 2020

Togetherness, and the intimacy of the archive By Shameelah Khan I catch a glimpse of myself as a child that exists now only in the archive. I devour the visual restlessness that persisted in me in som…

Issue 26: Quarantined
April 2020

Editor’s Note: April 2020

By Amir Bagheri Japan: December 2016 It had been about six months since I had moved to Takamatsu city to start a new life. I had been fairly successful in achieving the objectives I had set for myself…

Issue 25: The Senses
March 2020

Editor’s Note: March 2020

By Shameelah Khan Egypt A group of young millennials, myself included, spent a week on a boat in Egypt trailing the Nile. The stretching emptiness of greying-water, fava beans boiling on a gas-stove a…

Issue 24: Odd
February 2020

Editor’s Note: February 2020

An Odd  Note by an editor A name here – shameelah   (Backwards This Read)  World The In Oddness Much Is There. But (still backwards- or should it read TUB) – but tub is what we call bath (read ‘bath’)…

Issue 23: Reclaiming
December 2019

Editor’s Note: December 2019

By Paula Akugizibwe with commentary by Yewande Omotoso A short distance from where Ghana’s Volta River meets the Atlantic Ocean, I rise at sunrise to immerse myself in this balance between the gentlen…

Issue 22: The Ordinary
November 2019

Editor’s Note: November 2019

By Nicholas Bruce At this time of day, the sea is painted the colour of cherries, the wind cutting jagged patterns into the swell. A wave rises, hanging onto the idea of lifting skyward as long as pos…

Issue 21: Triggers
October 2019

Editor’s Note: October 2019

By Amir Bagheri (i) The therapist then asked him, “are there any specific incidents, or rather memories, that you can think of? Moments that make you sad? Even currently… are there any tri…

Issue 20: Control
September 2019

Editor’s Note: September 2019

By jec young I’ve started setting very little fires. They go VOOMF when I light them- or actually they only go voomf because they’re really very little. I set the very little fires on things and I run…

Issue 19: Sex and Sexuality
August 2019

Editor’s Note: August 2019

An Ethical Procedure of Sexuality By Shameelah Khan Part A: The Questionnaire Quantitative Research: is used to quantify the problem by way of generating numerical data or data that can be transformed…

Issue 18: Human Rights
July 2019

Editor’s Note: July 2019

By Amir Bagheri Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Adopted in 1948 and translated into more than 500 languages, which makes it the most translated document in the world. It has shaped many countri…

Issue 17: Travel
June 2019

Editor’s Note: June 2019

By Amir Bagheri Alike for those who for today prepare, And those that after some tomorrow stare, A Mu’adhin from the Tower of Darkness cries ‘Fools! Your reward is neither here nor there!&…

Issue 16: Decolonisation
May 2019

Editor’s Note: May 2019

Editorial Notations on Decolonisation. To the Sounds of Ornette Coleman. In 15 Notes. An Experimentation By Sithembiso Mdlalose Positioning. a postcolonial subject? I write and perform from a particul…

Issue 15: Storytelling
April 2019

Editor’s Note: April 2019

By Shameelah Khan Title   Every Poem I write is about you. Every word, A life   Introduction I had attended a conference around Gender-Based Violence in Cape Town two years ago when Malika-Ndlovu step…

Issue 14: Solitude
March 2019

Editor’s Note: March 2019

By Shameelah Khan “Loneliness and solitude are two different things. When you are lonely, it is easy to delude yourself into believing that you are on the right path. Solitude is better for us, as it …

Issue 13: Fathers
February 2019

Editor’s Note: February 2019

By Shameelah Khan This is the kind of story that will only happen much later. I was seated in my coffee shop with the newspaper in one hand and a steaming chai-latte in the other. I don’t remember muc…

Issue 12: Boundaries
January 2019

Editor’s Note: January 2019

By Shameelah Khan I have come to take you home I cross over from Passport Control and suddenly I am met with a sign “TAX-FREE GOODS, This Christmas” I am late. I walk a bit faster than usual. I see a …

Issue 11: Colours
December 2019

Editor’s Note: December 2018

December 2018 By Amir Bagheri   I remember growing up, not having a favourite colour. I saw colourful things as visual pollutions that hurt my eyes. I don’t remember drawing or painting any…

Issue 10: Children
November 2019

Editor’s Note: November 2018

November 2018 By Shameelah Khan I was having a conversation with my co-director the other evening about when I was happiest. I didn’t have to think twice about it before I answered, “When I feel…

Issue 9: Spring
October 2018

Editor’s Note: October 2018

October 2018 By Sarah Leck Spring – four years ago We had 2 picnic blankets spread under the few cherry blossom trees behind your apartment building. They held an assortment of chips and snacks,…

Issue 8: Home
September 2018

Editor’s Note: September 2018

September 2018 By Juwayriya Bemath For a while now, I’ve been asking myself where I fit in. The sense of belonging has always felt ephemeral if not altogether elusive. The constant brick-laying and de…

Issue 7: Millennials
August 2018

Editor’s Note: August 2018

August 2018 By Amir Bagheri I have a brother who is seven years younger than me. The age gap between the two of us might not be that large, but the differences in our thinking, worldview, and ways of …

Issue 6: Birth
July 2018

Editor’s Note: July 2018

July 2018 Statement of Birth By Shameelah Khan (Transcribed from a short interview over coffee with my mother) Name: Shameelah Khan (almost not though) Age: one week (according to my mother) Weight: 2…

Issue 5: Guilt
June 2018

Editor’s Note: June 2018

June 2018 By Amir Bagheri I was sitting right in front of her, at one of my favourite family restaurants in the heart of Johannesburg. A few days prior to that day, I had found out about her infidelit…

Issue 4: Nostalgia
May 2018

Editor’s Note: May 2018

May 2018 By Shameelah Khan In this Issue of Odd Magazine, the theme Nostalgia was selected. This editor’s note was not an easy one, so I had asked a friend for advice on how best to approach a topic l…

Issue 3: Truth
April 2018

Editor’s Note: April 2018

April 2018 By Corey Joseph At sixteen, my physics teacher wrote in my leavers book: “You grew on me like some sort of infectious virus.” It was a sweet thing to say considering just how persistently a…

Issue 2: Women
March 2018

Odd Editor’s Note: March 2018

March 2018 By Amir Bagheri (i) A letter to my mom Salaam Maamaan, About a month ago, I was given the task to write an editor’s note about “women”. I have been thinking about it for w…

Issue 1: Age
February 2018

Odd Editor’s Note: February 2018

February 2018 By Shameelah Khan   This issue is dedicated to the memory of Hugh Masekela and Professor Kgositsile. May their blessed souls rest in peace. Where there is death, there is also life.…

Special Edition
January 2018

Odd Editor’s Note: January 2018

January 2018 By Amir Bagheri   It was in the middle of autumn in 2014; I was sitting on the very back seat of a minibus, that was driving down the curvy roads of Alborz mountain range. I was leav…

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Odd Editor’s Note: December 2017

December 2017 By Amy Loureth Worster Dear Odd Family, If, like me, you grew up in a Christian household, it’s likely that you’re familiar with the concept of a nativity set. For those who aren’t: a na…