green sheen

A Poem By Roux Wessels and in the spring – when green and the absence of shivering nights becomes growth’s measure of water – i relax after every millimetre of rain thankfulness my only oblivious mantra throughout the seasons until a next winter – but long before the cold returns or frost creates a garden of […]


A Poem By Sarah Leck i know what you see this image of me has been crafted to reflect who i want to be hours of poring over Instagram models Googling the “right” outfits to wear i’m afraid all you see is really a mannequin i’d make excuses for my absence of being while being […]

Clover in July

A Poem By Melissa Sussens The clover is flowering; fields of sunshine glistening in the afternoon light. My dog bounds through crushing petals, leaves a trace of her existence. I sit on a nest of gold and green while she sniffs, following lifelines I cannot see. There is a breeze humming through the rows of trees. […]


A Poem By Nkateko Masinga wallflower wildflower once a seed nobody would admit to planting now you have grown and they all want to claim you as theirs even the ones who brought fire when you needed watering are here to marvel at your beauty don’t they see that your roots are made from the strings […]


A Poem By Christina Brazzale The kitchen fruit bowl chatters like a group of women around a well, Their plump skins glisten with sweat and muddy dew, While ringing laughter Ripens beneath a still spring breeze. Brightly-clad ropes adorned with the diamonds of an African king, They deftly fill clay pots with liquid life Living a […]