Creative Research Zine


Odd Magazine invites creative researchers to submit a full body of work in which they curate their own curated zine built around a thematic body of work. Be it around identity politics, mental health, decolonization…etc. We want to help you curate your work. We only curate two special zines a year, a Winter and Summer zine.  To apply, submit a one-page proposal to stating what your creative research is about and what you envision your curated zine to look like. A small stipend will be made available upon acceptance. 


Proposals open for the Winter submission: 


Winter Zine: April- May (for June)

Summer Zine: October-November (for December)


Mpho Announce.

Celebrating bisexuality, beyond the silos.

Cover Zine

An anthology entitled Ghost Stories, which are dreamlike snippets of poetry strung together, telling a story.