The Crafters inc.

The Crafters Inc. 

Housed by Odd Magazine, The Crafters Inc. is a literary consultancy company that will help you craft, create, and edit your work. 

Seven years of studying literature, five years of literary editing, and a lifetime of immersing myself in literature and art has equipped me to take this literary journey with you. 

Right now there are talented wordsmiths all over the world. Some have thought of brilliant plots, are struggling with writer’s block, or have had their work turned down by a publisher. The Crafters Inc. will help you flesh out your ideas, power through a difficult part of your book, give you constructive advice on your manuscript, and/or edit the final piece. 


Ts and Cs: 

  • Poems, short stories, and novels are all welcome
  • Only available to academic pieces in the Humanities.
  • Creative research
  • Prices vary according to length and type 
  • All pieces need to be font size 12, Times New Roman, and 1.5 spacing. 
  • The first consult is free 


Crafter’s Fee:

Poetry: R2.00 per/word and R25 (per page) for a collection/anthology

Short stories: R50

Novel: R80- R100

Academic Thesis: TBC


Prices may vary depending on amount of editing work required. 


Consultancy Fees: R120 per hour


Once off consultation package (one read through and an hour of editing consultation, no added editing): R250

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